Dear Gentlemen,
    The inception for the Plymouth Peak Pedigree Challenge comes from the South Africa Million Dollar race where the management in South Africa allows participants to input their bird's pedigrees on the website for the entire world to see. Many of the most famous lofts in the world (Koopman, Norman, Poortvliet, Klaas, Houben) input their entries pedigrees early on in the South Africa competition. The Plymouth Peak organizers believe the Plymouth Peak Pedigree Challenge will be a fun additional competition and allow breeders to "put their money where their mouth is" by putting a few extra dollars on a few of the youngsters out of their special pairs right up front in the competition! Enter one of your birds or enter them all and let see which champion breeders are willing to lay it on the line!!!

    Payments can be made from here. Link

    1- Cost $20.00 per bird !
    a. You can pay the $20.00 via credit card like the "Perch Fees or Entry Fees" on the Plymouth Peak website. And will be able to also down load your pedigree.
    b. This first year, you can also mail them with a check and copy of your pedigree to Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge P.O. Box 174, Fielding, Utah 84311 and someone at the Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge can do the entry for you

    2- Pedigree & $20.00 must be paid and the pedigree must be entered before the 1st 100 mile Race (same as entry fees).
    a. Once the first race is basketed, we will lock the fields so that a person can't modify any pedigree.

    3- Guaranteed minimum of $2,500 in total prize money - By Plymouth Peak Pro Challenge! This prize money will not be taken from any of the other entry monies.

    4- Pay it out $2500.00 - 1st, 2nd, 3rd (50%, 30%, 20%) - $1250.00 - $750.00 - $500.00

    5- Winner's will be the 3 highest placing birds in the Overall Averages after the 7 Race Series.