Race and Training Dates and Distance
    Loft manager reserves the right to change race dates or training dates and distance.
    Any release less than 50 miles will be for inventory only, and released as one group!
    Monday July 13th 5 miles
    Wednesday July 15th 5 miles
    Friday July 17th 10 miles
    Monday July 20th 10 miles
    Wednesday July 22nd 20 miles
    Friday July 24th 20 miles
    Monday July 27th 20 miles
    Wednesday July 31st 30 miles
    Friday Aug. 29th 30 miles
    Monday Aug. 3rd 30 miles
    Wednesday Aug. 5th 40 miles
    Friday Aug. 7th 40 miles
    Monday Aug. 10th 40 miles
    Wednesday Aug. 12th 40 miles
    Friday Aug. 14th 40 miles
    Monday Aug. 17th 50 miles
    Wednesday Aug. 19th 50 miles
    Friday Aug. 21st 50 miles
    Monday Aug. 24th 50 miles
    Wednesday Aug. 26th 70 miles
    Friday Aug. 28th 50 miles
    Monday Aug. 31st 70 miles
    Wednesday Sept. 2nd 70 miles  
    Race Friday Sept. 4th 90 miles East Fort Hall, Idaho
    Monday Sept. 7th 50 miles
    Wednesday Sept. 9th 70 miles
    Race Friday Sept. 11th 102 miles North Blackfoot, Idaho
    Monday Sept. 14th 50 miles
    Wednesday Sept. 16th 40 miles
    Race Friday Sept. 18th 138 miles Sage Junction, Idaho
    Monday Sept. 21st 40 miles
    Wednesday Sept. 23rd 50 miles
    Race Friday Sept. 25th 174 miles Spencer, Idaho
    Monday Sept. 28th 40 miles
    Wednesday Sep. 30th 50 miles
    Race Friday Oct. 2nd 215 miles Red Rock, Montana
    Monday Oct. 5th 40 miles
    Wednesday Oct.7th 50 miles
    Race Friday Oct.9th 250 Mile Apex Exit, Montana
    Monday Oct. 12th 30 miles
    Wednesday Oct. 14th 50 miles
    Race Friday Oct. 16th 138 miles Sage Junction, Idaho
    Monday Oct. 19th 40 miles
    Wednesday Oct. 21st 30 miles
    Race Saturday Oct. 24th 326 miles Garrison, Montana



    All races will be closed 36 hours after release. If no birds clock in that 36 hour time frame, the closing time will be extended an additional 24 hours. The prizes will be split among the clocked birds in the allotted time frame and will not exceed the posted number of prize winners. When allotted time closes and the designated number of birds for prizes have not been met, the prizes will be split among the birds clocked when the allotted time closes.